About us

Umit Project

Umit Project is an open source international software organization in Computer Networking. The project was created by Adriano Marques in 2005 while a student for the Nmap and it became an independent organization in 2007. The aims of Umit Project is to make life easier for network administrators and for other users that want to be aware of what is happening in their networks.

Umit Project currently has two main concerns in Networking: Network Scanning and Packets Manipulation/Sniffing. Umit's Network Scanner is a graphical interface that offers network mapping capabilities, discovering of hosts, services and track changes in the network. It is also valid for Bluetooth Network Devices.

At the other hand, the Packet Manipulation/Sniffing have other goals: create protocols, packets, send packets, sniffing, protocol testing, help on network software development tests, and other very cool features available throught a backend library and a nice frontend. Umit Project has being supported by Google Summer of Code since 2005, and never failed a participation until this year. Umit Network Scanner has even appeared in The Bourne Ultimate movie, helping the CIA to crack into a journalist's account to find out where was he going to.

How could you help Umit development?

You don't need to be a great developer to help Umit development. Helping Umit can easier than you are thinking. If you have you ever used nmap... or if you have sense of design or software usability... or if you know a language in which Umit is not translated yet... You're more than capable of joining the team!