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The Umit Project is an open source organization. You can contact us in irc #umit at Moreover, you can use our mailing lists:

This is the list of all people in the UMIT Project and there contribution.

  • Umit Network Scanner was original written by: Adriano Monteiro Marques
  • Operating System and Vulnerability Icons: Takeshi Alexandre Gondo
  • Logo, Application Icons and Splash screen: Virgílio Carlo de Menezes Vasconcelos
  • The Umit Project Web Site Design: João Paulo Pacheco
  • Independent Features: Frederico Silva Ribeiro
  • Network Inventory: Guilherme Henrique Polo Gonçalves
  • Umit Radial Mapper: João Paulo de Souza Medeiros
  • Profile/Wizard interface editor: Luís António Bastião Silva
  • NSE Facilitator: Maxim I. Gavrilov
  • Umit Web: Rodolfo da Silva Carvalho

Sponsored by (GSoC 2005-2011): Google Summer of Code

Mentor of Umit for Google SoC 2005 and 2006: Fyodor

Mentor of Umit for Google SoC 2007 Projects: Adriano Monteiro Marques

Initial development: Adriano Monteiro Marques
Cleber Rodrigues Rosa Junior

Nmap students from Google SoC 2007 that helped Umit:

  • Kris Katterjohn
  • Eddie Bell
  • David

The Umit Project WebSite:

  • Adriano Monteiro Marques
  • Heitor de Lima
  • Abrão Barbosa
  • João Paulo Pacheco
  • Luís António Bastião Silva
  • Rodolfo da Silva Carvalho
  • João Paulo de Souza Medeiros


  • Drew Miller
  • Kris Katterjohn
  • João Paulo Pacheco
  • Regis Kuramoto Dias
  • Rodolfo da Silva Carvalho

Initial attempt on Maemo port:

  • Adriano Monteiro Marques
  • Osvaldo Santana Neto


  • Adriano Monteiro Marques
  • Luís António Bastião Silva
  • João Paulo Pacheco
  • Juan Jose
  • Maxim I. Gavrilov

Special Thanks

We would like to send a special thanks to Google Summer of Code